This Policy is about how Bitmonsters,  gathers, stores, uses and protects your personal data. The goal of this Policy is to ensure conformity of Bitmonsters with applicable data protection laws and grant users data privacy protection. Bitmonsters provides services of product processing, products or any other functions, technologies or facilities offered by Bitmonsters, Inc.

There are three types of users, whose personal data can be processed:

  1.     Visitors of our web-site;
  2.     Traders  subscribed to our services;
  3.     Buyers indirectly interacting with Bitmonsters when they pay bills of  traders sent to the latter by Bitmonsters at the time of verification

By visiting our web site and / or using our services users accept this Policy.

What personal data are?

“Personal data” means any piece of data or information, which can be linked to a specific person and used for his/her identification.

What information do we gather?

We gather personal information depending on the type of a user:

  1. For visitors we gather standard web-log data such as:
  •         IP address;
  •         browser type;
  •         pages  of our web site visited;
  •         date and time of accessing the web site

We may gather information on access devices for avoidance of fraud.

  1. For traders, at the time of opening an account we can collect the following types of personal information depending on how you use our services:
  •         name;
  •         address;
  •         phone number;
  •         e-mail address;
  •         bank account number;
  •         VAT /PTN number;
  •         identification documents (that include a photograph, social security number and/or date of birth).

We can use this information with the purpose of risk management (i.e. for the trader’s identity or address verification). We can also get information about our traders from third parties. We guarantee that such third parties adhere to the same data protection principles as Bitmonsters.

  1. For buyers, at the time of attempting to pay a bill generated by a Bitmonsters customer, the buyer will be suggested to fill in the following information:
  •         e-mail address;

This information is requested to allow our system   sending “Buyers” e-mails  directly to get the address for returning bitcoins in case of payment cancellation (for example, overpayments, underpayments, returns and the like).

Besides, upon the trader’s express request only, we will gather and store personal data for the benefit of a vendor only through our billing service. Information, which vendors can request from their buyers, may include:

  •         name;
  •         address;
  •         phone number;
  •         e-mail address.

In both cases as mentioned above,   buyers data shall be processed and stored according to the same principles as those we adhere to when storing  personal data of our traders.

Bitmonsters does not process such confidential personal data as your religion, ethnicity and/or political preferences.

Why do we gather personal data?

Our major goal of gathering personal data is to provide you with safe, quality, efficient and customized services. We can use your personal data for:

  •         provision of our services and support of customers requested by you;
  •         transaction processing and sending  notifications about your transactions;
  •         dispute resolution,  payments and troubleshooting;
  •         prevention of prohibited or illegal actions and ensuring adherence to our terms of use;
  •         customizing and  perfecting our services, creating content and  layouts of our web site and applications;
  •         provision of target marketing, notifying about  Services updates and promotional offers based on your preferences;
  •         comparing information for its accuracy verification  in liaison with third parties.

How do we protect and store personal data?

We store and process your personal data applying rules of treating such data and information as envisaged by current laws.

We use computer-based means of protection such as fire walls and data encryption, and exercise control over physical ways and means of accessing our buildings and files, and we provide access to any personal data only to those employees, who need them for fulfillment of their duties.

How do we exchange personal data with third parties?

We can provide your personal data to:

  •         other subjects of Bitmonsters  for the purpose of detecting and preventing  potentially illegal actions and breach of our Policy, and  managing decisions regarding our products, services and communications;
  •           contracted service providers, who assist us in our business operations verifying vendors information;
  •         law – enforcement authorities, government officials or other third parties on the grounds of a summon, court order or due to any other judicial proceedings or demands applicable to Bitmonsters; or, otherwise, if we, in our absolute discretion, believe that disclosure of personal data is required with the purpose of notifying about alleged illegal activities or investigation in respect of breach of our Terms of Use.

Please note that such third parties can actually be in other countries, where personal data processing laws and rulings can be less strict than in your country.

How do vendors can get access or edit their personal data?

Traders can browse through and edit their personal information such as name, phone number and e-mail address at any time. To do that, after logging in to your account   check the “Settings” section of the toolbar.

When a trader wants to edit information concerning his/her field of operation or web site of his/her company, or wants to delete his/her account, he/she shall send e-mail to our e-mail address. If he/she decided to delete his/her Bitmonsters account, we will record his/her account as “Closed”   in our database. We can store personal data from our account within a definite period as envisaged by current laws.


We do not sell your personal data to any third parties for marketing purposes without your express consent. We may consolidate your information with information gathered from other companies, and use it for enhancing and customizing our services, content and advertising. If you do not wish to receive our marketing messages or participate in our ads adjustment programs, you shall press “Unsubscribe” button in marketing message / advertising e-mail or notify us by e-mail.

How do we use Cookies? What are Cookie files?

Cookie file contains a unique number that helps us identify you when you return to our web site from your computer or mobile device.  Cookies allow our web site to “remember” your actions or preferences changing over time. Cookies are supported by the majority of web browsers. However, you can disable Cookie files in your web browser and/or delete them whenever you want.

What types of Cookie files do we employ?

Whenever you visit our web site, contact us directly or the companies contracted by us to monitor the use of our web site, we place on your computer’s hard drive small data files called “Cookies”. We and our service providers Cookie files for settings Bitmonsters services, content and ads, assessing advertising efficiency and promoting trust and safety.

We send a “session: Cookie file to your computer after you have logged in to your account or otherwise use Bitmonsters’ Services. This type of Cookies helps us identify you when you visit pages of our web site several times during the same session so that we don’t need to request your password at each page. After logging out or closing your browser the relevant Cookie file expires and gets discarded.

We also use more long-term Cookie files for other purposes, for example, to display your e-mail address on our login page so that you do not need to re-enter  your e-mail address whenever you enter your account.

We encrypt our Cookie files so that information stored in them could be interpreted only by us. You can disable our Cookie files, if your web browser allows doing so, but it may affect your use of our web site. We can also gather information about your computer or other access device to minimize risks and prevent fraud.

Whenever you use Bitmonsters’ Services on  web sites, which are not under our control (for example, if you  browse web –pages created by a third party or use an application developed  by a third party), you may deal with Cookie files of third parties as Cookie file may be  attached to such webpage or application.

Adjustment of Cookie settings

You can manage and adjust Cookie files through settings of your web browser. You can notify browser when you will receive new Cookie file, delete specific Cookie files or all Cookie files. Please not that if you make decision to delete Cookie files of Bitmonsters it may result in diminishing or limiting your access to specific functions and pages of our web site.

To get additional information on Cookie files and methods of disabling them, visit the respective third-party web site.


We reserve the right to modify this Policy at any time and publicize the modified version on our web site. The updated version will become effective forthwith after publicizing. Should any modified/updated version include any essential changes in methods of processing your personal data, we will give you a 30 day notice and publicize modification statement in the “Privacy Policy” section of our web site.

Do you have any questions concerning privacy? Please contact us

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please send us your inquiry  to our e-mail address